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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the CHAO Clinic?
CHAO provides basic, non-emergency medical care and prevention education for low-income and uninsured residents of Oklahoma. We are an independent 501(c) 3 non-profit funded by individuals, businesses, foundation grants and the Travis County health district.

What services are provided at the CHAO Clinic?
CHAO provides Walk-in Clinics for adults and children seeking medical attention for primary, acute care needs twice a week and a Chronic Disease Management Clinic for enrolled patients with hypertension, diabetes and other endocrine disorders once a week. The Clinic offers social service referrals, limited mental health services, some specialty care and healthy lifestyle counseling as well.

When is the Clinic open?
CHAO is open for Walk-in patients every Tuesday and Thursday evening. The Clinic opens its doors at 5pm and all patients need to be here by 6pm to receive a ticket for that evening's clinic.  

The Clinic maintains regular business hours Monday - Thursday from 9am- 5 pm and on Friday from 9am – 3pm for administrative work only.

Who does the CHAO Clinic serve?
CHAO offers care to people with no health insurance or any other type of health care coverage (no MAP, CHIP/Medicaid, Medicare, etc.) who are living at or below 200% of the U.S. Federal Poverty Level.

How many people benefit from the CHAO Clinic?
The Clinic accommodates over 2000 medical visits annually for approximately 1000 individuals.

How do people become patients at the Clinic? Are you accepting new patients now?
Our patients primarily come to us through word of mouth, as well as through referrals from local hospitals and collaborations with other Austin area service organizations. Our Walk-In clinics are open to the public and new patients are always welcome.

Do patients pay for services?
We ask for a $10.00 donation at the time of the visit, although this is not mandatory. This voluntary donation helps the Clinic off-set some of the operating costs, although no one will ever be turned away because of an inability to pay.

Can I eat in the Clinic?
Patients may not eat inside the Clinic, although you are welcome to eat outside.  In order to keep the Clinic nice for everyone, we ask that you use the trash bins outside to dispose of any trash.  Water is provided for all of our clients and volunteers.

Can I smoke at the Clinic?
No.  As a health care facility, the Clinic is a designated Tobacco-Free property.  There are signs posted to this effect and it includes our parking lot and any surrounding Clinic property.  Please note that this includes not smoking in your car if it is parked in our parking lot.

Can I be seen without a Photo ID?
No, we need to know who we are treating so you must have a photo ID in order to be seen; copies of a photo ID are not accepted.  You must present a photo ID every time you come to the Clinic, even if you have been here previously.

What if I live in Oklahoma but cannot prove my address?
If you cannot prove you live in Oklahoma, you must provide a letter from the person with whom you live indicating you live with them at the address, along with a bill or rent agreement in that person’s name listing that Oklahoma address.  Without providing this information, you may not be seen.  

What if I cannot wait three hours to be seen?
Receiving services at our Clinic requires an investment of your time and it can take up to three hours.  The good news is that we are a one-stop shop.  In addition to seeing a nurse and a doctor, you will be able to get any lab testing done and have your medications filled and dispensed during this one visit.  We understand that this may not work for everyone so we are happy to provide information about other clinics that may have hours that better suit your schedule.

Does the Clinic close for holidays?
Yes, the Clinic is closed for some of the major holidays including:

  • Memorial Day

  • 4th of July

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving & the Friday following Thanksgiving

  • Christmas & News Years Day*

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