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April 30th 2018 Free Clinic


Community Health Awareness of Oklahoma is a non-profit organization striving to make our community a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

We assist to individuals and families who are struggling to have access to medical treatment at little or a low cost or not.

Community Health had conducted two free clinics since inception. Our goal is to hold free clinic each month, and we are seeking donations from the members of the community to help fulfill this mission.

April 30th Community Health conducted a free clinic to the community, and 100 people participated.

We thank the following community members who supported the Community Health Awareness to purchase T-shirts that we gave to volunteers: Chief Lekwa and Lolo Stella Lekwa; Chief Chris and Lolo Jane Ejiofor; President Paul and Mrs. Grace Gbodi, Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Ughamadu; Chief Moses and Mrs. Tita.

Community Health Awareness is grateful to the volunteers, administrators, and members of the Community Health of Oklahoma to make the free clinic successful.

The healthcare professionals are: Dr. Tammy Herd; Dr. Okey Nwokolo; Dr. Legg-Jack; Dr. Brown; Steven Hannon; Maria Smith-Nurse practitioner; Georgia Osoanya- pharmacist; Cindy Watson – registered nurse; Kristy Williams-insurance agent; Tonya Morris- registered nurse; Ngozi Nwokolo-nurse practitioner; Tami Edie-registered nurse; Ijeoma Nwanebu-registered nurse; Kristy Ward-Insurance agent; Vicki Lippoldt; Ellyn; George Willis-registered nurse.

Other members who participated were: Sir Jude Offiah; Linda Stamps; Chief Leo Nwanebu, Pastor Charles Onuoha; Pastor Dan Dozie; Dr. Oliver Anyabolu; and Mr. Geofry Uvbo.

We are committed to make our community a healthy community however it takes some expenses. Please do not hesitate to call the office for further assistance.

Please make out a check to Community Health Awareness.

8901 Northridge Terrace Oklahoma City, Ok 73132.                                         

Office #405-604-0204

Outreach Director #405-249-6653

Oliver Anyabolu (Ph.D.)

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