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Meet the Leadership Team

CHAO has a professionally diverse Board of Directors who are deeply passionate about our mission and collectively works to guide our organization through the following activities:  setting policy and strategic direction, approving the annual budget and all major financial decisions, nominating and approving new board members, and ensuring programs and activities align with our mission.  The majority of Board members also volunteer their time in some capacity during our evening clinics, which makes for a very engaged Board of Directors.  They are each valued advisors and active ambassadors for the CHAO and we are grateful for their leadership. 

Dr. Oliver Anyabolu


Godfrey Uvbo

Technical Support Analyst

Jude E. Offiah


Dr. Okey Nwokolo

Active Member/Physican

Dozie Offiarli

Vice President

Chief Ezeala

Public Relations

Linda Stamp Ejewku

Outreach Coordinator

Leonard Nwanebu

Active Member

Frank Williams

Active Member

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